Boosting Developer Experience: Preview Environments and Monorepo with ArgoCD

ArgoCD allowed our team to be extremely flexible and adapt to our developers to offer a great DX (developer experience). Let’s dive into how the new feature Application multi-sources enabled amazing platform capabilities with a git monorepo.

We will see how we decided to avoid matrix generator to instead compose applicationSets with helm charts in order to provide maximum options to our developers. Also, we will talk about how we added Crossplane to the mix to reach out to external AWS services, and how we solved the “commit spam” effect with monorepo. If every microservice in a monorepo pushes a tag commit for each commit on a pull request, it gets really noisy, but eventually we found a great compromise. And last but not least, how our approach provides a great platform feeling with a tailored service catalog for our team.



François Le Pape
François Le Pape is a DevOps engineer at Ninetailed, specializing in Kubernetes, observability, infrastructure and Javascript/Typescript app development. He has been closely following the GitOps ecosystem for the last four years, and is passionate about software development in general.


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